Free Maple Syrup Amigurumi Crochet Christmas Ornament Pattern

Create your own little Maple Syrup ornament with this free amigurumi crochet pattern!

Crochet/Amigurumi Holiday Patterns Gifting Guide 2021

My top picks this year for gifts you can crochet!

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Friendsgiving Potluck Mini-Food Pattern Bundle

Join me and 7 other talented amigurumi designers for our Friendsgiving Potluck! Pattern bundle notes [...]

How to Crochet a Ball in Any Size – Amigurumi Design Basics

Learn the basics of amigurumi design by learning to crochet a ball in any size.


Free Crystal Ball Halloween Ornament Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Create this quick and easy Crystal Ball ornament for Halloween with this free amigurumi pattern!

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Free Witch Halloween Costume for Bernadette the Bear Stuffed Animal Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Create a Witch costume for Bernadette the Bear with this free pattern!

My Favourite Miscellaneous Tools – What I Use to Make Amigurumi

A list of miscellaneous tools I use when making amigurumi.

My Favourite Yarn/Thread – What I Use to Make Amigurumi

My favourite yarn and thread to use for my amigurumi projects.


My Favourite Crochet Hooks – What I Use To Make Amigurumi

A list of my favourite crochet hooks to use when making amigurumi!

Free Onigiri the Panda Bean Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Create your own Onigiri the Panda Bean with this free amigurumi pattern!


How to Crochet Better Stripes for Amigurumi when Using Cotton Yarn- An Experiment

I experimented with different stripe making methods for amigurumi and share my preferred method!

Little Daffodil Crochet Tiny Flower Pattern Notes

Tiny daffodil flower crochet pattern notes.

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