You can find the free patterns on the blog! I do not offer the printable PDF files for free, but you will be able to create your own amigurumi toys through my blog posts if you do not wish to purchase the PDF files from the shop.

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Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, I do not take special orders or sell my toys at the moment. My focus is currently on creating patterns to share on my blog and doing custom orders would take away from that.

I freehand all of the extra parts to my dog’s snoods, so unfortunately, I do not have any of the patterns written down. It’s also quite difficult to create multiple sizes of each part for different sized dogs.

Unfortunately, no. Writing a pattern can take days/weeks and I currently do not have a lot of time (I have a toddler, so life is pretty hectic). You are free to make suggestions, and if I like your idea enough, I will find time to make it! 🙂


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