Year of the Dragon Amigurumi Crochet Lunar Chinese New Year Pattern Notes

Every year for Lunar Chinese New Year, I design a crochet amigurumi pattern for the zodiac animal of the year. I’ve been designing one every year since I started my blog, which means this is the 6th year I’m doing this!

Meet Noodles the Dragon! My daughter named him after his curly little whiskers that look like ramen noodles.

Lunar Chinese New Year Crochet Year of The Dragon Plushie Amigurumi Pattern

Chinese Lunar New Year Amigurumi Year of Dragon Crochet Pattern Notes

The difficulty level of this pattern is Intermediate. The legs/body/head/arms are no-sew, but because there are so many details to this design, there is still a fair bit of sewing involved.

This pattern is written in US crochet terminology. The finished Dragon (including antlers) measures to be roughly 6.5 in (16.5 cm) tall.

I used Paintbox Yarns Cotton Aran to make Noodles the Dragon. The yarn itself tends to split slightly, but the available colour choices and the stitch definition is great. You can also use any yarn as long as you correspond your hook to the weight of your yarn. For this pattern, I used about 45g of Slate Green, 25g of Red Wine, 10g of Buttercup Yellow, and 5g of Pistachio Green.

You’ll find the 12-page PDF crochet pattern in my shop. The pattern includes a helpful notes and guides section, lots of photos, and links to helpful video tutorials. The pattern also includes information on the yarn/hook sizes my testers used when testing the pattern.

Lunar Chinese New Year Crochet Year of The Dragon Plushie Amigurumi Pattern Single

If you’re looking for the Amigurumi Crochet Lunar New Year patterns from previous years, you’ll find them here, or click on the photos below.

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