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12 Days of Crochet Christmas Appliques Pattern Collection Notes

Pattern notes for the "12 Days of Christmas" crochet appliques collection!

Free Crochet Christmas Stocking Pattern – Knit Look Waistcoat Stitch Stocking

Crochet this knit-look stocking with this free pattern!

How to Crochet the Waistcoat Stitch

Learn how to crochet the waistcoat stitch, a crocheted stitch that looks like a knitted [...]

How to Crochet a Ball in Any Size – Amigurumi Design Basics

Learn the basics of amigurumi design by learning to crochet a ball in any size.


My Favourite Miscellaneous Tools – What I Use to Make Amigurumi

A list of miscellaneous tools I use when making amigurumi.

My Favourite Yarn/Thread – What I Use to Make Amigurumi

My favourite yarn and thread to use for my amigurumi projects.


My Favourite Crochet Hooks – What I Use To Make Amigurumi

A list of my favourite crochet hooks to use when making amigurumi!

How to Crochet Better Stripes for Amigurumi when Using Cotton Yarn- An Experiment

I experimented with different stripe making methods for amigurumi and share my preferred method!

How to Crochet a Basic Dog Snood – Tutorial

Learn how to crochet a snood for your dog with this tutorial!


How to Measure/Check Gauge for Amigurumi

Learn how to measure gauge when creating Amigurumi toys!

How I Embroider My Amigurumi Toys

There are many different ways to embroider details onto your amigurumi toys. I’m not great [...]

How To Crochet A Seamless Join in the Round

I use the seamless join whenever I finish off circles to ensure that the edges [...]

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