Free Halloween Bat Ornament Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

The final pattern in the Halloween ornament collection is this little Bat! This Bat pattern is actually one of the very first patterns I have ever written. The original Bat was cute, but I decided to revamp my old pattern because it wasn’t exactly the way I wanted my Bat to look.

After finishing Bat 2.0 and hanging it onto my tree, I noticed that it was looking a little lonely. So from there, I decided to create the Halloween Collection so that I could have a tree full of adorable Halloween ornaments.

Free Bat Ornament Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Free Halloween Bat Ornament Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

I used the Knitpicks Shine Sport yarn for all of the ornaments in my Halloween collection because I love how smooth it crochets up. The yarn also looks slightly glossy, which makes the ornaments look a little bit more polished.

The difficulty level of this pattern is Intermediate and this pattern is written in US crochet terminology.

Note: To protect my work, I have disabled right click and printing on my site because I have experienced theft in the past. Please do not copy my patterns in any way. By copying or distributing my patterns without permission, you are making it difficult for designers like me to continue doing what I love. Doing so also discourages me and will prompt me to stop sharing my patterns freely. If you wish to utilize the free patterns, you may do so on my site. Thank you so much for your understanding and for being respectful!

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The Bat Amigurumi printable PDF pattern can be found in the shop on its own, in the Graveyard bundle (3 patterns), or in the full Halloween Collection (6 patterns).

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*Please note that the patterns are worked in continuous rounds unless otherwise stated.

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ch: chain
sl st: slip stitch
sc: single crochet
hdc: half double crochet
dc: double crochet
inc: two single crochet in one stitch
dec: invisible decrease, single crochet two stitches together through the front loops only
sk st: skip the next stitch
(…) x # : repeat anything in the parenthesis however many times the number indicates
[#]: total number of stitches for that row
#sc/sl st/hdc/dc: one sc/sl st/hdc/dc in the following # stitches


with Wallaby yarn


Insert safety eyes between rows 10 & 11, 5-6 sts between the eyes. Snap backing in.
Insert safety eyes between rows 10 & 11, 5-6 sts between the eyes. Snap backing in.

1 6sc in magic circle [6]
2 (inc) x 6 [12]
3 (sc, inc) x 6 [18]
4 (2sc, inc) x 6 [24]
5(3sc, inc) x 6 [30]
6 (4sc, inc) x 6 [36]
7-8 sc in all sts [36]
9 (5sc, inc) x 6 [42]
10 sc in all sts [42]
11 (5sc, dec) x 6 [36]
12 sc in all sts [36]
13 (4sc, dec) x 6 [30]
14 sc in all sts [30]
15 (3sc, dec) x 6 [24]
16 (2sc, dec) x 6 [18]
17 (sc, dec) x 6 [12]
Fasten off, stuff fully, close hole and weave tail in.


Free Halloween Bat Ornament Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Step 2

Make 2

1 4sc in magic circle [4]
2 (sc, inc) x 2 [6]
3 sc in all sts [6]
4 (sc, inc) x 3 [9]
5 (2sc, inc) x 3 [12]
6 sc in all sts [12]
7 (2sc, dec) x 3 [9]
8 sc in all sts [9]
Fasten off, leave a long tail for sewing.


Free Halloween Bat Ornament Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Step 3

1 6sc in magic circle [6]
2 (sc, inc) x 3 [9]
3 sc in all sts [9]
4 (2sc, inc) x 3 [12]
5 (3sc, inc) x 3 [15]
6 (4sc, inc) x 3 [18]
7 sc in all sts [18]
8 (5sc, inc) x 3 [21]
9 sc in all sts [21]
10 (5sc, dec) x 3 [18]
11 (4sc, dec) x 3 [15]
12 (3sc, dec) x 3 [12]
Fasten off, stuff fully, leave a long tail for sewing.


Free Halloween Bat Ornament Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Step 4

Make 2

1 4sc in magic circle [4]
2-3 sc in all sts [4]
Fasten off, leave a tail for sewing.


Make 2

1 Ch 21 (make sure to leave a long tail end because you will be sewing the wings to the body with this tail), sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in the rest of the sts, turn [20]
2 14sc, 5hdc, ch 2, turn [19]
3 6hdc, 8sc, 3sl st, turn [17]
4 sk st (Top Left Photo), 5sl st, 3sc, 3hdc, 4dc, ch 2, turn [15]
5 4dc, 4hdc, 3sc, 2sl st, turn [13]
6 sk st, 2sl st, hdc, ch 2, sc into 2nd ch from hook (Top Right), sc, sl st, hdc, ch 2, sc into 2nd ch from hook, hdc, 3sl st, hdc, ch 2, sc into 2nd ch from hook, hdc (Bottom Left)
7 down the side: 7sc (Bottom Right)
Fasten off, weave the tail that you end with off but leave the beginning tail end because you’ll need it for sewing.


  • Place the skinny ends of both wings together and sew them together with one of the wings’ tail. Weave that tail in. You should still have another tail to sew the wings onto the body with.
Free Halloween Bat Ornament Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Step 9

  • Mix 1 part water to 1 part glue, I used Elmer’s glue for this. Paint the mixture over the wings and lay on a flat surface and allow to dry. If you want the wing tips to look extra pointy, you can place the wings on a flat piece of foam and pin it down to shape it.

  • While your wings are drying, sew a thick line between the eyes on the face of your bat with Cosmopolitan yarn to create a cute little nose.
  • Pin the ears onto the top of the head and sew in place.
  • Pin the body onto the head and sew in place.
  • Pin the feet onto the bottom of the body and sew in place.
Free Halloween Bat Ornament Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Step 12

  • Turn your bat around and pin the wings to the back of your bat and sew in place.
  • String a piece of yarn through the centre of the bottom of the bat. Tie the string off to close off the loop.
Free Halloween Bat Ornament Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Complete

Congrats, you have just finished your adorable little Bat! Feel free to customize your Bat by giving it a different coloured nose or adding pink details to the ears.

Please leave me a comment down below (or contact me) if you have any questions about this pattern. I would also love to see your creation so don’t forget to tag me (@olliehollycrochet) on Instagram or use the #olliehollycrochet! Please let me know in the comments what you would like to see next!

If you find any mistakes in the pattern, please contact me and let me know! I do my best to catch my mistakes when I edit my patterns but I sometimes miss the little things.

You may sell products made from this pattern in small quantities but please clearly credit the design to me, Abby Sy of Ollie + Holly and provide a link to my blog  Permission is NOT granted for mass production or factory manufacturing of any kind.  Thank you for being respectful and for your understanding!

36 thoughts on “Free Halloween Bat Ornament Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

  1. Jamie G says:

    Just made this (using a bigger hook and worsted weight since it’s what I had on hand) to give to my daughter for her 20th birthday. She’s gonna love it! Thanks so much for making this adorable pattern and making it easily accessible. I really LOVE it. I’m thinking of making a bat Garland using different shades of gray for each little bat. The Garland is a great idea. Thanks again for sharing this

    • Abby says:

      You are so welcome 🙂 I’m glad you like the pattern and I look forward to seeing your bat garland if you make it! Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and for your support!

  2. María teresa says:

    Buenas noches muy fácil la verdad ,me he quedado en las alas no entiendo muy bien como son me gustaría saber una forma más fáciles de hacer. Muchas gracias.

      • Jez says:

        Hi abby,
        If you would like i can translate the pattern in spanish for you. I just made it and it looks amazing! Thanks for auch a beautiful pattern!

  3. Jessica says:

    So I’m trying to make the ears for my bat and every time I do they look nothing like yours and I have no idea what I am doing wrong do you have any tips for a beginner to help me out.

    • Abby says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      Thank you! 🙂 As for the points, the glue stiffener helps a bit to make them a bit sharper. Pinching the points while the glue mix is still slightly damp helps a bit with this.


  4. Patricia González says:

    El patrón está muy bien explicado y me resultó fácil y quedan bonitos son muy dulces, yo le agregué un par de colmillos

  5. Kori says:

    This worked up rather easily in one day. Thanks for the cute pattern. I told my hubby there might be bats in various places around the house for awhile lol

  6. Isabella says:

    hi i have made nearly all the parts for the bat and I am now making the wings but the edge of the wing is really jagged and isn’t a smooth transition like the one in the images. is there anything that you can suggest to help that

    • Abby says:

      Hi Isabella,

      The edge in the photos isn’t smooth either, but working the 7sc into the edge will help smooth it out. If your edge is really jagged, then you may have made a mistake while working on the wing. Either way though, working the single crochet stitches into the edge should help smooth it out.


  7. Danie C. says:

    Really easy-to-read pattern! This is the first amigurumi I’ve done straight through without having to restart or tear out a piece. Excited to give my friend this cute bat for her bday 🙂 Thank you!

  8. Nat says:

    I’m on the last stitch (bat wing) of row three and it says Ch2… does that mean do 2 sc in the last stitch or chain two up and turn leaving a gap for the last stitch?
    Thank you

    • Abby says:

      Hi Nat,
      For the last part of row 3, chain two, then turn. There should not be another stitch left to work into at the end of row 3, so there shouldn’t be a gap. If you’re noticing that you have an extra stitch, you may have to go back and count again to make sure you worked the correct amount of stitches for this row or the previous row.

      Hope this helps!

  9. Ysa says:

    This pattern is really beautiful, but the part of the wings were really hard to me. It doesn’t make sence in my head, because i have 20 st, and then turn into 19 without any explanation of skiping or decreasing some st, but than I think I understand or adapt untill the end. The important was that I made it, and now I have a really cute bat <3

  10. Michelle says:

    Hi Abby! This little guy is so adorable! I’ve been looking for a bat pattern that I like for awhile, and this is it!! I really appreciate you making it available. I also appreciate your issue and your clarity about your photos and your intellectual property. Keep standing up for us creators!!

  11. Ana says:

    Love the pattern! For the wings at the end of row 1, do you have to add a chain before turning or do you turn and start working on second sc??

    • Abby says:

      Hi Ana,

      I just turn and start working on the second row in the first sc. I find this keeps it a little tighter along the sides.

      Hope this helps!

  12. Osh says:

    Spent the last few days making this and now I have finally finished my own cute little bat as a Christmas present for a friend! I didn’t find this too challenging, and my wings look nearly as good as yours.
    Thank you so much for sharing this pattern for free, it is very high quality and easy to follow.

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