Akkoro Kamui from Bob’s Burgers Amigurumi Crochet (Pattern Only)


Create Louise Belcher’s whimsical toy with this printable PDF pattern! PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS IS A DIGITAL ITEM (PDF) FILE AND NOT THE FINISHED ITEM!!


Akkoro Kamui is a toy that belongs to Louise Belcher from the show Bob’s Burgers and is most prominently featured in the episode Flu-ouise (Season 7, Episode 1). In the episode, Akkoro Kamui threw the best swamp parties, served wine with calamari and they’d drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink and drink all dayyy. So naturally, I had to include a glass of wine with this toy.


This 9-page crochet pattern contains detailed descriptions and photos to help you create your very own poseable Akkoro Kamui toy and will require you to have crochet knowledge. The pattern is in English and written in US crochet terminology.

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