Free Kuchi Kopi from Bob’s Burgers Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Note: This pattern has been updated as of May 2021. The changes include an updated hook size, gauge, and stitch type that creates much tighter stitches. This creates a slightly smaller toy, but ensures that the stuffing doesn’t show through if you are matching the gauge provided.

You may sell products made from this pattern in small quantities but please clearly credit the design to me, Abby Sy of Ollie + Holly and provide a link to my blog  Permission is NOT granted for mass production or factory manufacturing of any kind.  Thank you for being respectful and for your understanding!

This pattern is available or free because I want people to be able to make one for themselves and not have to break the bank to get their own Kuchi Kopi. If you are new to crochet, I have a couple tutorials for beginners. This Kuchi Kopi plush is large and time consuming to make, but I would still consider this a beginner friendly pattern. 

You can’t really make Louise Belcher’s toys without creating her favourite- Kuchi Kopi! When I first started writing patterns, I created a Kuchi Kopi that wasn’t very good. The head and the body were separate because I couldn’t figure out how to shape it properly. So ever since I decided to create her stuffed toy collection, I knew I needed to write a new amigurumi Kuchi Kopi pattern. 

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Free Louise Belcher's Stuffed Animal Kuchi Kopi (from Bob's Burgers) Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

As you can see, the first one I made isn’t very… good. The shape of it was so off and I didn’t really like the yarn I used for it. But YAY progress! 

To create all of the toys from the Flu-ouise Collection, I used Paintbox Yarns Cotton Aran from LoveCrafts. I chose to work with Paintbox Yarns for this project because it comes in so many colours and makes colour-matching for this specific project so easy. However, you can use any cotton yarn as long as you correspond your hook to the weight of your yarn.

For this pattern, I used roughly 160-175g of Lime Green (a little less than 4 skeins of yarn), 5g of Champagne White (< 1 skein), a little bit of Pure Black for the Pupils. You may need more or less yarn depending on your tension. 

Free Louise Belcher’s Stuffed Animal Kuchi Kopi (from Bob’s Burgers) Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Free Louise Belcher's Stuffed Animal Kuchi Kopi (from Bob's Burgers) Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Kuchi Kopi measures to be about 8.5 inches (21.5cm) tall. The size of your Kuchi Kopi will vary based on your crochet tension. The difficulty level of this pattern is Easy and this pattern is written in US crochet terminology. If you’re interested in making the other toys from the collection, check out this post

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5 Round Circle = 1.5” (Paintbox Yarns Cotton Aran) with a 3.25mm (D) hook.

Note: I am working with the x-stitch (yarn under single crochet). If you are working a standard sc, go down a hook size.

Gauge isn’t super important for amigurumi, but I included it just in case you want to check your gauge. Being a little off should not affect the final product too much. You can learn more about how to measure gauge for amigurumi here! 

*Please note that the patterns are worked in continuous rounds unless otherwise stated.


st(s): stitch(es)
ch: chain
sc: single crochet
inc: two single crochet in one stitch
dec: invisible decrease, single crochet two stitches together through the front loops only
(…) x #: repeat anything in the parenthesis however many times the number indicates
[#]: total number of stitches for that row
#sc: one sc in the following # stitches



with Lime Green yarn

1 6sc in magic circle [6]
2 (inc) x 6 [12]
3 (sc, inc) x 6 [18]
4 sc, inc, (2sc, inc) x 5, sc [24]
5 (3sc, inc) x 6 [30]
6 2sc, inc, (4sc, inc) x 5, 2sc [36]
7 (5sc, inc) x 6 [42]
8 3sc, inc, (6sc, inc) x 5, 3sc [48]
9 (7sc, inc) x 6 [54]
10 4sc, inc, (8sc, inc) x 5, 4sc [60]
11 (9sc, inc) x 6 [66]
12 5sc, inc, (10sc, inc) x 5, 5sc [72]
13 (11sc, inc) x 6 [78]
14-15 sc in all sts [78]
16 6sc, inc, (12sc, inc) x 5, 6sc [84]
17-21 sc in all sts [84]
22 (13sc, inc) x 6 [90]
23-25 sc in all sts [90]
26 (13sc, dec) x 6 [84]
27-28 sc in all sts [84]
29 6sc, dec, (12sc, dec) x 5, 6sc [78]
30 (11sc, dec) x 6 [72]
31 5sc, dec, (10sc, dec) x 5, 5sc [66]
32 (9sc, dec) x 6 [60]
33 4sc, dec, (8sc, dec) x 5, 4sc [54]
34-35 sc in all sts [54]
36 4sc, inc, (8sc, inc) x 5, 4sc [60]
37 (9sc, inc) x 6 [66]
38 5sc, inc, (10sc, inc) x 5, 5sc [72]
39 (11sc, inc) x 6 [78]
40 sc in all sts [78]
41 6sc, inc, (12sc, inc) x 5, 6sc [84]
42 sc in all sts [84]
43 (13sc, inc) x 6 [90]
44-45 sc in all sts [90]
46 7sc, inc, (14sc, inc) x 5, 7sc [96]
47-48 sc in all sts [96]
49 (15sc, inc) x 6 [102]
50-51 sc in all sts [102]
52 8sc, inc, (16sc, inc) x 5, 8sc [108]
53-57 sc in all sts [108]
58 8sc, dec, (16sc, dec) x 5, 8sc [102]
59-62 sc in all sts [102]
63 (15sc, dec) x 6 [96]
64 sc in all sts [96]
65 7sc, dec, (14sc, dec) x 5, 7sc [90]
66 (13sc, dec) x 6 [84]
67 6sc, dec, (12sc, dec) x 5, 6sc [78]
68 (11sc, dec) x 6 [72]
69 5sc, dec, (10sc, dec) x 5, 5sc [66]
70 (9sc, dec) x 6 [60]
71 4sc, dec, (8sc, dec) x 5, 4sc [54]
72 (7sc, dec) x 6 [48]
73 3sc, dec, (6sc, dec) x 5, 3sc [42]
74 (5sc, dec) x 6 [36]
75 2sc, dec, (4sc, dec) x 5, 2sc [30]
76 (3sc, dec) x 6 [24]
77 sc, dec, (2sc, dec) x 5, sc [18]
78 (sc, dec) x 6 [12]

Fasten off, stuff evenly and fully, close hole, weave tail in.


Make 2
with Lime Green yarn

1 6sc in magic circle [6]
2 sc in all sts [6]
3 (sc, inc) x 3 [9]
4 sc in all sts [9]

Fasten off, leave a tail for sewing.


Make 2
with Lime Green yarn

1 6sc in magic circle [6]
2 (inc) x 6 [12]
3 (sc, inc) x 6 [18]
4-6 sc in all sts [18]
7 (4sc, dec) x 3 [15]
8 sc in all sts [15]
9 (3sc, dec) x 3 [12]
10-13 sc in all sts [12]

Fasten off, lightly stuff and whip stitch the opening shut. Leave a tail for sewing.


Make 2
with Champagne White yarn

1 6sc in magic circle [6]
2 (inc) x 6 [12]
3 (sc, inc) x 6 [18]

Fasten off, seamless join in the round, leave a tail for sewing.


Make 2
with Black yarn

Tie a quintuple overhand knot (This video demonstrates a quadruple overhand knot, just add one more loop over:

Leave two tails for each pupil. You will need the tails to be long enough to make another quintuple overhand knot later.


  • Thread the pupils into the Eyes between rows 1 & 2. Kuchi Kopi’s pupils are not centred, so doing so will give him his signature wonky eyes.
  • Turn the Eye piece around and tie a quintuple overhand knot in the back to secure the pupils.
  • Pin the Eyes onto the head to position. The top of the Eyes should start at around row 19 and there should be 9-10 sts between the eyes. Sew in place.
  • Pin the Ears onto the top of the Head. The top of the Ears should start at around row 8. To make sure they are symmetrical, look at the placement of the Ears from the top of the head down before sewing it to the head.
  • Pin the arms onto the sides of the body and sew into place. The top of the arms should be at around row 39 or 40.
  • With the Pure Black yarn, embroider a line two rows below the eyes to create the mouth.

You have just created your very own Kuchi Kopi!

Please leave me a comment down below (or contact me) if you have any questions about this pattern. I would also love to see your creation so don’t forget to tag me (@olliehollycrochet) on Instagram or use the #olliehollycrochet! Please let me know in the comments what you would like to see next!

If you find any mistakes in the pattern, please contact me and let me know! I do my best to catch my mistakes when I edit my patterns but I sometimes miss the little things.

40 thoughts on “Free Kuchi Kopi from Bob’s Burgers Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

  1. carly fengel says:

    This is so cute! I love the show and Louise’s toys are just amazing. You brought them to life in such a cool way!

    Thanks for sharing this pattern for free. I ended up buying the bakeneko because the kuch is going to need some company 🙂

  2. Elizabeth M. says:

    I love this paatern! Your instructions were super easy to FOLLOW. I’m making THIS for a friend who is a Bob’s Burgers fanatic and I know she’ll love IT?

    • Abby says:

      Hi there Sarah,

      Unfortunately no, that will not work. You would need a completely different pattern if you wanted to create a Kuchi Kopi on a smaller scale. I have been thinking about writing a new pattern for a smaller kuchi kopi recently though, but that probably won’t be until later this year when my schedule frees up a bit.


    • Angel says:

      honestly just start making it! you don’t need an instruction for the exact amount of stitches, just modify as you go. this pattern would at least get you started

  3. Alyssa says:

    I’m having a hard time getting the ears. I follow the instructions but they still look circular not triangular like in the picture

    • Abby says:

      Hi Alyssa,

      It helps to use a chopstick to push the tip out then pinch the tip to create a more pointed ear.

      Hope that helps!

  4. Keaunna Oaks says:

    I cannot wait to make Kuchi Kopi! I love Bob’s Burgers! I cannot write patterns to save my life so kudos to you to be able to make them!

  5. Cathy says:

    Hi! Thank you for Kuchi Kopi! I’m just finishing mine. I would LOVE to see a pattern for Pikachu. He was my son’s favorite Pokemon and I’ve been looking for a good (and fairly easy) pattern. My son has left home and joined the air force and I would like to make Pikachu and send it to him. ☺️ Thank you!

  6. Krystle says:

    Hello! I made a Kuchi Kopi following this pattern. It’s body looks a little…..lopsided. I’m wondering if I don’t have it stuffed too little. Any idea how much Polyfil you used and what kind (crafter’s choice, premium, ultra plush)?

    • Abby says:

      Hi Krystle,

      I’m not too sure how much polyfil I used, but I use the Poly-fil premium polyester fibre fill. Stuffing a piece this big can be tricky, and it helps to overstuff slightly. Like with most amigurumi, loosening the polyfil up and packing it into your piece in small layers will make it more even.

      Hope this helps!

  7. angel says:

    Thanks so much for the pattern, Abby!
    it was turning out much bigger than i had anticipated so i modified the head for the body, but the instructions were great for how to make a simple amigurumi.
    i only had trouble following the text because of the disabled right click, because highlighting the text helps with my dyslexia, so i’d warmly recommend looking into a way to highlight a row of text by hovering over it or something similar, while still being able to have the right click and printing disabled. i do understand your reasons, so this is in no way criticism, more of an improvement suggestion/ a wish!
    nonetheless, your work is beautiful and much appreciated!

    • Abby says:

      Hi Angel,

      Unfortunately, what I use to disable right click just disables highlighting automatically. Will definitely look into other options if that’s possible though, thanks for letting me know! 🙂


  8. China Constance says:

    This is so dang cute!! I’m a very VERY small seller on Etsy and I just want to confirm that you’re still okay with people using your free pattern to create the product and sell it as long as we credit you and put a link to your site correct? I will def give you all the credit you deserve because you made this so well! Thank you for your time and any answer you give me ?

    • Abby says:

      Hi China,

      I am totally cool with people selling items they make with my patterns as long as you credit me! Just make sure to not use any of my photos for your shop or item promotions.

      Good luck! 🙂

  9. Megan says:

    Would this pattern work with a Bernat Velvet yarn or Baby blanket yarn? I want to make them but I want them to be super soft and comfy! And do you possibly have a video?

    • Abby says:

      Hi Megan,

      It would probably work with Bernat Velvet or baby blanket yarn, but it’ll likely turn out REALLY big. You’ll also likely need to use a lot of skeins, so it would get quite expensive. Acrylic is a little softer than cotton so that might work better, but it’s nowhere near as soft as velvet or blanket yarn unfortunately. And no, I do not have a video for the Kuchi Kopi, but the beginner crochet and amigurumi video should teach you all the skills you need to make him! 🙂

      Hope this helps!

  10. Miss Madilyn says:

    Thank you for this pattern! I’m making this for my baby cousin and I decided to add my own twists to it to make it look like a funny shaped cat (she loves cats) I hope she likes it, if she does it’s thanks to you!

  11. Mallory says:

    I just completed this pattern and I’m in love. It turned out so cute and I can’t wait to give it to my bestie who loves Bobs Burgers!

  12. Brooke says:

    Hi, I’m new to reading crochet patterns and slightly confused. Is it correct to interpret multiple numbers grouped together as multiple rows? For example, where you’ve written “14-15 sc in all sts [78]” does that mean to complete the instruction “sc in all sts” twice to create two separate rows, 14 and 15?

    • Abby says:

      Hi Brooke,

      That’s correct! 14-15 is the row number, so you’re working “sc in all sts” twice to create two separate rows.


  13. Renee says:

    Hi, I’m new to crochet and this is the first pattern I’m trying to do and I noticed on row 6 that the math isn’t adding up. If I follow the directions I end up with stitches 33 and 34 on the 30th stitch from row 5 and then it says to do two single stitches afterwards to get 36. I know it is a continuous round but I would think that you would want to have stitch 36 end on stitch 30?

    • Abby says:

      Hi Renee,

      It seems like you might be short a few stitches from the previous rounds (I know a lot of beginners may make a mistake when reading round 4). That is likely the reason why you’re ending up with stitches 33 and 34 on the 30th stitch.

      Try using a stitch marker to mark the first stitch of your round and counting your stitches at the end of each round. I do this, especially with big projects like this one, to make sure I have the correct amount of stitches. I know it’s daunting once the stitch count for each round gets larger, but it’s the only way to make sure you have the correct amount of stitch for each round.

      Hope this helps!

      • Renee says:

        Thank you! I was definitely missing a couple of stitches. I got some stitch markers and it fixed me right up! Thanks for taking time to respond

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