Chinese New Year Pig Amigurumi Pattern Notes

Happy Chinese New Year, everyone! The Year of the Pig is upon us and I am so happy because I love pigs. Honestly, if I didn’t live in Canada and had a huge yard, I would own a pet pig. But alas, that is not the case; so for now, I’ll just have to be content with crocheting them.

Chinese New Year Pig Amigurumi Pattern Notes

If you would like to make this pig, you can find the pattern in the shop!

In this post, instead of just cutting into the pattern, I’m going to outline some components of the project

I typically use sport weight yarn to make my amigurumi, but I ran out of pink sport weight yarn after having made so many pink characters the past few weeks. So instead of the usual sport weight, I used worsted weight yarn.

I also decided to bust some of my stash so I mixed and matched different types of yarns. The red I’m using is a wool blend, the pink and brown yarn are 100% cotton, and the yellow is a cotton blend. If you use the same type of yarn throughout, your project will still look the same.

Chinese New Year Pig Amigurumi Pattern Notes 1

The outfit of the pig is based on the traditional Chinese garment also known as Cheongsam. I decided to keep the design on it simple because I’m generally not a fan of overcomplicating my patterns. I also suck at embroidery so I try to keep that to a minimum in my projects.

Chinese New Year Pig Amigurumi Pattern Notes 2

This pattern also has a lot of parts, so it does require a bit of work and a lot of sewing.

Chinese New Year Pig Amigurumi Pattern Notes 3

The finished Pig measures to be roughly 8 inches tall and would make a lovely present for your pig loving friends or babies born in the year of the Pig!

Anyway, that’s it for my random musings about this pattern. Thank you for reading and I’ll see you in the next post! (Spoiler Alert: it’s still pig related because I friggin love pigs)

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